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When you think classic 1960s longboard it’s hard not to picture the Weber Performer, perhaps the most popular surfboard model ever produced. A few are still around today but not many as clean as this board. Shaped in early 1967—check out the hip paisley print nose inlay—this board, with it’s nine-plus length, wide nose and t-band stringer, most probably represents the last commercial run of longboards to be made before the late 1967 ‘Shortboard Revolution’ rendered it obsolete. A beautiful example of its genre and an essential addition to any serious ‘60s collection.

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If you can't make it to our auction in Orange County Ca. and choose to bid online, a buyer's premium of 20% will be applied to your purchase.
There is a 2% discount when bidding in person, on the auction floor. As well as an additional 3% discount if paying by cash or check.
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